How to Make a Budget and Stick to It

How to Make a Budget and Stick to It

Members of the United States military know all about discipline. But sometimes this self control doesn’t directly translate to their financial lives.
In order to reach your financial pot of gold, many people try to create a budget to save money and spend their funds properly. This is a great idea, but without mental toughness, your plan could fail just as quickly as it was hatched. When creating a budget, make sure that you not only make one that is realistic, but also keep in mind the care it needs in order to work.

Train your sights on your budget

The first thing you want to do when making a budget is to calculate how much you make every payday. Once you figure out your take home pay, you’ll need to break down your necessary expenses.
Prioritize your most essential bills and expenses. You and your family need to eat and pay for housing. Although you may receive a cost of living allowance, or get free housing on base, you still need to budget accordingly. Also, make sure that any outstanding debt is tackled. This includes credit cards, car payments, medical visits, or anything else. Deduct these amounts as necessary.
Keeping an eye on non-essential costs is important too. Unless you don’t plan on spending any other money beyond necessary payments, you will need to make room for these expenses. Also try to put a share of your paycheck into savings. It’s usually smart to begin with a small amount and increase it as you adjust to the lifestyle.

Discipline yourself to pay your expenses

The budget plan is only as good as your discipline. There are no days off when it comes to your financial obligations, and you need to tell yourself that frequently. Disciplining yourself to take care of these payments will improve your financial standing in the end, which will lead you to your financial pot of gold. It also will prevent slip-ups that you can control.
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